GDPR Consulting Services

extaCloud helped us to understand the exposure of being a business that is ‘in the business’ of holding personal information.

The stepping stone approach implemented by extaCloud ensures that we are approaching our GDPR compliance challenge in bite-sized pieces giving us a constant stream of wins.

Jason H - Major Insurance Firm

GDPR Warm Up Workshop

Get the low down on the GDPR

Our GDPR primer workshops have one purpose – getting you in the know. Think of them as an introductory workshop designed to help you understand the landscape of the GDPR.

Available as half-day ‘quick win’ sessions or more comprehensive full-day sessions, you will get invaluable insight into the GDPR and what it could mean for your organisation.

Our primer workshops cover topics including:

  • What is the GDPR and why¬†should we care?
  • How should we prepare?
  • What do we need to do to be compliant?
  • The capability of Microsoft technology

Ask us today for more information about our primer workshops, they’re popular so don’t delay.

Data, information and systems everywhere?

Focused on the technology you have deployed within your estate, our GDPR Tech Assessment service gives you an independent view on the laydown of your data and information systems letting you leverage our considerable experience in this space.

One of the greatest risks to organisations once the GDPR comes into effect is ‘analysis paralysis’. Not knowing the scale of your GDPR compliance overhead introduces significant risk to your organisation.

Our grounding in technology enables us to provide a unique perspective on your systems and the ‘dusty corners’ in which the information you’ve forgotten about exists.

Typically lasting between 2 and 5 days, our GDPR Tech Assessments provide a cost effective way of triaging  your technical landscape in the context of GDPR compliance.

GDPR Tech Assessment

GDPR Readiness Review

Get an expert second opinion

If you’re underway with your GDPR initiatives you may be interested in an independent view on how things are looking.

Our GDPR Review will take a look at your position from root-to-branch, we’ll assess you against our GDPR Maturity Model and let you know where the gaps are in your understanding of your current position and any eminent risk associated.

We want to help you be prepared for the GDPR. The approach we take is simple. You know what you do day-to-day as an organisation. We know the regulation. By bringing those two things together under the umbrella of our GDPR Maturity Model extaCloud is able to rapidly asses your progress towards compliance.

Our GDPR Review typically takes between 3 and 7 days depending on how mature your GDPR initiative is.

Interested in learning more about our GDPR Workshops?

Drop us a line and we will be right back in touch to discuss your needs in further detail.