So Why Should You Care About On-Boarding?

It’s really quite simple. When you’re taking workloads (servers, applications, databases, etc.) into the cloud you’re on-boarding.

The challenge? Taking workloads to the cloud is not just a matter of copying services and data. Legacy and heritage systems can be complex to migrate. Current systems will benefit greatly from optimization when moving to the cloud. Some applications may require re-engineering or re-tooling in order to be effective in the cloud.

Our knowledge and experience in this area makes extaCloud the ideal partner to on-board our customers to the Microsoft Cloud.


Ready to head for the Cloud?  This is it!

extaServ On-Boarding provides a number of services aimed at getting you to the Cloud faster, cost-effectively and with minimum disruption.

Our services include:

  • User & Business migration requirements analysis
  • Office 365 migration (Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business)
  • Azure workload migration (Virtual Machines, Azure Services)
  • Application migration


Choose from the below to learn more about our on-boarding services.

Office 365 Migration

Mailboxes, SharePoint Sites, Users.

Azure Migration

Physical Machines, Virtual Machines, Storage, Networks.

Application Migration

Code. Databases. Applications. Web sites.