Fear of the Cloud

The Cloud is a daunting place. It’s not scary, it’s not insecure – it’s just daunting.

Massive choice, confusing terminology and new types of services make it hard for many organisations to understand what their options are and what benefits are available.

extaServ Cloud Readiness services cut through the nonsense to help our customers establish:

  • If they are ready for the Cloud
  • The services and offerings are that are relevant
  • Understanding of the risks, challenges and benefits
  • The journey into the Cloud

Readiness Services

extaCloud has a rich portfolio of cloud focused readiness services to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to benefit from our capability and experience in helping customers move to the cloud.

Our approach is simple. You know you want to be in the cloud, but to what extent? Some workloads will migrate simply, quickly and at acceptable cost. Some will not.

Our experience in helping customers move to the cloud will help you understand your options, the risks and the costs through our services that are designed to be simple and effective.

Health Check

How smooth will your migration be? Get a view on the journey.

Migration PreGame

Determine what you can take to the cloud.

Migration Audit

Uncover what you have. Get a grip on cloud benefit.


Sometimes our customers just need a little old fashioned help.

Trying to get the best out of your IT investment?  Looking for advice about technology?  Trying to establish if the Cloud is the way to go or staying on-premises is right for you?

extaServ Consulting Services provides our customers with good, old fashioned advice.  Think Business Transformation, think Enterprise Architecture, think Art of the Possible.

We listen, we advise.  It’s quite simple really.