Our Services

In our service group, we’re delivering focused, customer-centric services that help our customers realize their investment in cloud technologies.

We’re not the organisation that wants to deliver a drawn out, protracted and expensive project to customers. We’re the service provider that wants to help customers to help themselves.

One of the principle tenets of the cloud is the ability for customers self-serve a high proportion of their IT needs regardless of their shape or size. We’re big believers that the delivery of cloud focused services should follow this tenet and be as ‘Cloudy’ as possible.

The bottom line is that we’re here to help our customers focus on getting benefit from their cloud investment and focus on their core business – if you want to make plates then make them!

Defined services. Fixed costs.

Simple. Effective. Flexible.

Service Ethic

At extaCloud we’re committed to working with our customers whilst exhibiting Cloudy characteristics ourselves.  We’re adopting the flexibility, simplicity and commercial agility made possible in the cloud as we believe that this adjusted mind-set being at the very core of our engagement and delivery ethos makes us different.

Servers, Applications, Data.

Learn. Empower. Migrate.


Looking for some good old-fashioned advice? A knowledgeable ear to listen to your woes and provide real-world input that is grounded in experience, based on fact and with no agenda in tow? We’ve worked with dozens of our customers in helping them to understand how they can get more out of their investment in Microsoft technologies.

If you’re after some help and want to work with a partner that isn’t always ‘chasing the project’ then drop us a line.