Get an extaStor 365 Vault

All extaStor Vaults start their life as a free trial.

No credit card is needed. All you need is an Office 365 tenant (of which you are a Global Administrator) with at least one SharePoint Online site and a provisioned App Catalog.

If you’re interested in arranging a demo, please request a demo here.

Getting started with extaStor 365 is so simple we recommend that you just take the plunge and provision a trial Vault. Choose below whether you would like a vault to be created in Europe or in the USA.

Prefer a vault in a different region? Drop us a line and we will provision you a vault anywhere you like – as long as your desired Azure region has the necessary elements.

US Vault

If your Office 365 tenant is in North or South America, we recommend choosing a Vault in the USA.

European Vault

If your Office 365 tenant is in the UK, Europe or the Far East we recommend a Vault in Europe.