Records Management at Enterprise Scale

For our larger customers we’ve taken the simple approach to licensing. Everything else about Enterprise IT is complicated so we thought we would be a little different.

We figure that what you want from extaStor is the whole kit-and-kaboodle, so here it is:

  1. You get all the features
  2. User banding defines included storage quotas but there are no built in limitations, you just pay for what you need
  3. The more users, the lower cost per user for the core service
  4. You get custom reports. We work with you to define what you need and we go off and build them for you.

It’s simple. It’s classic. It works.

Pricing FAQ

Our pricing is really simple, but there are some things you probably want to know. Hopefully all the answers are here.

What is an 'add pack'? Add packs are how you can bolt on additional storage (in GB) or record quotas to increase the capacity of your extaStor vault.

What does 'upgradeable' mean? If you have an upgradeable edition this means that as your requirements change (for instance in terms of storage or numbers of users) you can move between the extaStor editions seamlessly.

What is the difference between the 'Small Biz', 'Instance' and the 'Enterprise' editions of extaStor? The short version is that Small Biz and Instance editions are banded by size, the Enterprise editions are banded by numbers of users. For full details on the difference between the editions, see our extaStor product pages.

Is the 'FREE' edition really free? Yes. It's free, but it does come with rules. It's not intended to be a permanent solution. It's really aimed at helping you evaluate the service over an extended period. If you want to convert the free edition to a perpetual version there is an annual fee. Contact us for further information.