Pricing Models

We have 3 pricing models for extaStor. Small Biz, Instance Based and Enterprise. Click below for more information on each pricing model.

Our pricing is pretty simple.  It’s either free, priced per Vault Instance or for Enterprise editions; priced per user per month.

The free editions are designed to enable you to evaluate extaStor. A free Vault Instance can be converted to a paid instance for you to use forever if your Records Management requirement is super small.

Vault based editions are broadly aimed at small to medium sized business and organisations, They offer a Records Management solution for business that have varied usage requirements but a stable corpus of information to file.

Enterprise editions  are designed for our larger customers. Enterprise editions are billed on a per user basis and offer the greatest level of flexibility.

There are some feature differences between the editions, see the individual pricing model pages for more information.

If you are looking for Government, Education, Not-For-Profit or Partner pricing, they are currently based on the size and nature of your requirement. Please contact us for further information.

Choose a pricing model below to learn more:

Small Biz Pricing

Free and Small Business Editions. Billed monthly or annually.

Instance Based

Pricing based around numbers of records. SME Focused. Billed monthly or quarterly.

Enterprise Pricing

User based pricing for our largest customers. Billed monthly.

Records Management. Cloud Powered. Simplified.

How Does it Work?

App based integration between your Office 365 tenant and our Azure powered Vault Instance provides performance, security and scale.

Where Does it Live?

Designed, developed and built for the cloud. Cloud first. Never ported. Never compromised. extaStor 365 is built from the cloud up.

extaStor Services

Envision. Explore. Empower. Professional Services for extaStor 365 ensuring Records Management perfection from day one.