Office 365 Records Management. Azure Powered. Simple.

How Does it Work?

Graph based integration between your Office 365 tenant and our Azure powered storage vaults provides performance, security and scale.

Where Does it Live?

Designed, developed and built for the cloud. Cloud first. Never ported. Never compromised. extaStor 365  is built from the cloud up.

extaStor Services

Envision. Explore. Empower. Professional Services for extaStor 365 ensuring Records Management perfection from day one.

Familiar Interface

Purposeful & seamless integration to Office 365 for both the Modern and Classic UI.

Immutable Storage

Records are records. They can’t be altered. Life-cycle is controlled by policy.

Action Polices

Fine grained action policies enable tight control over record review and disposal.

Metadata Support

Support for structured or unstructured metadata regardless of source in SharePoint Online.

Entity Model Metadata

Organisational Content Types provide support for cross-organisation entity-to-record mapping.


Choose at point of declaration to vault one or more documents from any library.

“…features are meaningless without tangible reward; extaStor has benefit built-in…”