Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings years of experience to extaCloud.  From being pivotal in a number of successful startups, holding principle roles in some of the worlds most complex deliveries of Microsoft technology to being pretty awesome at karaoke – our leadership team drives the strategy and direction of extaCloud from the front and by example.

CEO & Founder

CEO and Founder, Seb Matthews is an industry maven who has been involved in a number of successful technology start-ups and currently holds a number of advisory positions with both end-customer and Service Provider organisations of various types and sizes.

An experienced Architect with 20 years of experience in the Microsoft space, Seb has been involved in several of the worlds’ largest implementations of Microsoft technologies and is frequently asked to speak at events and conferences around the world sharing his experiences, drive and passion to any and all.

Day-to-day, Seb is resolute in his passion for excellence in the Cloud and is driving the customer acquisition and strategic direction of the company.

CTO & Co-Founder

CTO and Co-Founder, Tom Eastham is a highly-experienced software industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience in working with organisations of all shapes and sizes in both Europe and the USA.

A rare breed in software, Tom is equally at home working deep in the code of our products as he is working with customers and their needs to drive change through the extaCloud product and service portfolio.

Passionate about quality, Tom is constantly striving to raise the bar in all our technical endeavours and is focused on defining and leading the technical strategy of both the product and service groups within extaCloud.

Head of Product Development

Simon Doy has been creating software for 20 years. Starting his career developing video network management systems in C++ Simon has leveraged the low-level skills learned in this specialist area to become a senior development consultant that truly understands how the cogs are turning inside modern software.

Moving exclusively into SharePoint space in 2006, Simon has not looked back. Working with high profile clients in verticals including banking, finance, insurance and health he understands how to build quality enterprise software at scale and has, in recent times, gained significant experience in managing large-scale change in fast-paced environments.

He joined extaCloud in 2016 to scratch an itch to build something extraordinary.

Chief Imagineer

Rob Windsor has twenty five years’ experience developing applications of all types for organizations of all sizes. Since 2006 Rob has spent most of his time working with SharePoint and more recently with Office 365. Rob is a regular speaker at conferences, code camps, and user groups and is a contributor to the Pluralsight On-Demand library.

Rob is the founder and past-president of the North Toronto .NET User Group and has been recognized for more than 10 years as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for his involvement in the developer community.

Joining in 2016, Rob’s role as our Chief Imagineer brings the art of the possible to extaCloud for both our products and our service groups.

VP of Awesome

Vice President of Awesome, Eric extaMini is the ultimate cheerleader.  He’s tireless in pursuing awesome at every opportunity no matter how many blocks are in the road ahead.  Although tiny, Eric brings something to extaCloud that nobody else quite manages – portability.

Perhaps you’d like to meet Eric or even have one of his brothers (cousins?) to increase the awesome in your life?  Contact us to find out how.

“…our people make us who we are; cohesion of vision shared across the business helps us in our pursuit of success…”

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