“…our customers mean everything to us; without them we’re just a bunch of nerds being nerdy…”

Our customers love us.  Why? We’re different.

Let’s be honest, IT as a subject is pretty dry.  As a species we’re hardly interesting people.  Nobody wants to invite the IT people to the Holiday party, do they?  Despite this, our customers love us as they understand that we genuinely care about what they want and why they want it.

It sounds a little cliché but we’re really big on the notion that as humans we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  We’re supposed to listen twice as much as we speak, right?  To be the best we can for our customers we have to truly understand what they’re trying to succeed in and to understand, guess what?  We have to listen.

Who are our customers?

It takes a village as the famous expression says. Our customers are diverse, but they have one thing in common; like us, they strive for awesome in everything they do.

Some of our customers are big and some small – but they’re treated the same.  Each and every customer is as important to us as the next.  There is no hierarchy, no league table and no preferential treatment.  Every customer is a priority.  It’s pretty simple really.

We’re proud of the work we have done for each and every one of our customers and continue to work hard for them no matter the shape or size of task they give us.