The Company

Formed in 2015, extaCloud is a passionately innovative technology company engaged in the development of intuitive software powered by the Microsoft Cloud and supported by managed services for customers looking to leverage the Microsoft cloud.

Our product portfolio is led by our Microsoft Azure powered Records Management solution extaStor 365 that brings an intuitive, tightly-coupled Records Management experience to users of Microsoft Office 365.

To support extaStor, extaCloud’s capability includes a number of cloud-centric service offerings to enable our customers to consume, leverage and benefit greatly from the cloud with minimum fuss and at a viable price point.

extaCloud Passion

Our drive and passion is simple.  extaCloud seeks to make customer transition to, and experience of, the Cloud as smooth as possible by improving the customer experience and outcome.  We achieve this by changing the way a Service Provider thinks and behaves when engaged with its customers.

Let’s be frank. The cloud levels the playing field. No longer do customers have to rely on the historically safe bet of large, expensive and seemingly capable technical partners.

The cloud enables disruption. Our customers seek to gain from this opportunity and at extaCloud we’re passionate about empowering each of our customers to get the very best from their technology investment.

Being ‘Cloudy’

The cloud is a new way to consume technology, we believe that by not just doing cloud, but by also thinking ‘Cloudy’ we can serve our customers uniquely and effectively.

Like our prime technology Partner, Microsoft, we ‘dogfood’.

Put simply, we’re Cloudy in everything we do.

We benefit from the economies of scale previously unattainable to smaller organisations, and we aim wherever possible to pass these benefits on to our customers through our responsive approach, competitive commercial models and our innovative use of technology.

Our Ethos

The Cloud changes the way organisations consume IT and at extaCloud, we believe that Service Providers need to change their behaviors to accommodate the shift being experienced by customers.

Cloud Services allow customers to increase agility, flexibility and reduce cost but these benefits are often not translated into the relationships held with Service Providers as most technical partners are focused on the profits associated to the delivery of long running end-to-end consultancy projects that were needed when traditional IT was the end-game.

At extaCloud we’re committed to working with our customers whilst exhibiting Cloudy characteristics ourselves. We’re adopting the flexibility, simplicity and commercial patterns and practices made possible in the Cloud as we believe that this adjusted mind-set being at the very core of our engagement and delivery ethos makes us different.

“…at extaCloud we’re committed to excellence; plain and simple…”

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