Later this month the Senior Team is back in New York for our 3rd SharePoint Saturday New York.

One of our favourite events, SPS NYC is always a crowd-pleaser with this year expected to be no different. An amazing roster of speakers will be presenting on all of the latest Office 365 topics and our CEO, Seb will be presenting for what he believes is his 9th year in a row!

As ever, extaCloud is sponsoring the post-event SharePint on the awesome rooftop beer gardenĀ at Beer Authority (300 W 40th st. NY, NY 10018, right opposite Microsoft) – we hope to see you there.

This year we are also doing something else. We’re playing hide-and-go-seek, with ROCKS. You heard it right. ROCKS. Painted Rocks. We have painted extaCloud logos on a number of rocks (yes, ROCKS) which we will be hiding around the Microsoft venue of SPS NYC. Find one, bring it to our booth and we will give you a prize. Simples. Oh, and we have hidden a special rock in Central Park. It’s well hidden (so ask us for a clue) but if you find it, prove you’ve got it and we’ll give you an XBOX One. It is geocaching gone nuts!

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We cannot wait to see you on the 28th!