Office 365 Records Management

Documents. Compliance. Governance. Data Protection. Records. Archiving. Keeping your content hygienic is relentless. The sprawl of content is hard to prevent. Office 365 provides endless opportunity for improvement and consolidation. extaStor 365 Records Management brings Enterprise class Records Management discipline to your organisation quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Managed Services

Managed Services simplify your consumption of IT. You know what you are going to get and how much you are going to pay for it. Regardless of the size of your business, If you want to live in a world of known quantity, Managed Services are the way to go.


The strengthening of the regulations governing the collection, storage, processing and security of personally identifiable data means that you need to take action to ensure you are compliant from May 25th 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation almost certainly affects your organisation so don’t delay, start your compliance journey today.

Heading To The Cloud

The cloud is not a scary place, it’s just daunting. For many of you it’s new. For some of you it’s fresh. For others, it just changes so darn fast it’s hard to keep up. Our ever-growing series of 101’s, guides and white papers will help you navigate the art of the possible avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes others have made.

extaStor 365

Cloud Powered Records Management for Office 365. Integrated. Effective. Simple.


Learn more about the upcoming changes to EU Data Protection. Understand more. Act now.

New To The Cloud?

Need some help making sense of Cloud possibilities? Look no further. Read our primers.

Records Management. Cloud Powered. Simplified.

extaStor Features

Modern Office 365 UI. Flexible lifecycle management. Tight taxonomy integration. Learn more about how extaStor will work for you.

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If you’re ready to give extaStor a go, sign up for a free trial vault. No credit card required and we’ll even help you through the process.

How Does extaStor Work?

Designed, developed and built for the cloud. Cloud first. Never ported. Never compromised. extaStor 365 is built from the cloud up.


Are you ready for May 25th 2018?

On May 25th 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (‘the GDPR’) comes to life. Organisations of any size will overnight become responsible for ensuring that Personally Identifiable Information (‘PII’) that they hold on individuals that reside within the EU will have to comply with a number of stringent rules.

Failure to comply? Huge fines – based on percentages of your revenues – so there will be no escaping the pain whether you are big or small. Click above to learn more about how extaCloud can help you reduce any exposure and risk within your organisation.

Managed Services. Sized Right. Priced Right.

Small Biz

Managed Services for Small & Medium Business. Treated like a shark, priced for a minnow.

extaServ 365

Managed Services for Office 365. Productivity taken care of. Your focus restored. Good times ahead.

extaCode Factory

Modernise your existing Microsoft solutions. Custom Code? Bring It. Custom SharePoint? We love it.

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